Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Brian McLaren prominently featured in New York Times article

Brian McLaren is featured in this New York Times Op-Ed piece by Nicholas Kristof entitled, "What Religion Would Jesus Belong to?" Here is an excerpt.

" 'Our religions often stand for the very opposite of what their founders stood for,' notes Brian D. McLaren, a former pastor, in a provocative and powerful new book, The Great Spiritual Migration. Founders are typically bold and charismatic visionaries who inspire with their moral imagination, while their teachings sometimes evolve into ingrown, risk-averse bureaucracies obsessed with money and power. That tension is especially pronounced with Christianity, because Jesus was a radical who challenged the establishment, while Christianity has been so successful that in much of the world it is the establishment."

*** Stay tuned for the third installment in my series "Seven Lessons Evangelicals Can Learn from Brian McLaren" to be posted this upcoming weekend. The next lesson will focus on the need to affirm a holistic Christian faith.

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