Friday, September 30, 2016

Andrew Marin Gets It Right in His New Book, Us versus Us

In his most recent book, Us versus Us, Andrew Marin underscores the point I emphasized in a recent blog entitled, "Doctrinal Purity Should Not Trump Relational Fidelity."

Marin writes, "The new reality presented in Us versus Us has to do with how we relate to one another—even given an unchanging core of profound disagreement. The new reality is about the opportunity to learn from our other, to understand our other, to work together with our other toward a culture in which it is normal to demonstrate love, even in disagreement."

Marin's new book, Us versus Us; Brian McLaren's new book, The Great Spiritual Migration; and my new book, Brian McLaren in Focus: A New Kind of Apologetics were each listed in a recent Hearts and Minds blog entitled "15 Recent Books You Should Know."

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