Monday, September 26, 2016

A Reader of Brian McLaren in Focus writes...

I'm no theologian (but I'm married to one)! So what I appreciate most about the new book by Scott Burson (about Brian McLaren) is not the detailed doctoral-level research he has done, but the fact that in the process of writing he got to know (and appreciate) Brian McLaren as a brother-in-Christ. Despite their differences. This quotation (from the end of the book) speaks volumes to me, and explains why I respect Scott, and recommend this book:

" hope [is] that those who continue to use the term evangelical (myself included) will strive to develop a kinder, gentler form of Christianity, not as a capitulation to culture but as a faithful response to the biblical apologetic mandate. For some of us, this might require retraining our collective moral palate in order to discover anew the scintillating flavors of gentleness, kindness, respect, and goodness. This also might require a willingness to starve our obsessive need to be right and to refrain from the all-too-common side dish of rudeness. It is this author's contention that we would be well advised to follow some of McLaren's helpful apologetic recipes, even if aspects of his theology are unpalatable. But if evangelicals find the thought of learning something from Brian McLaren simply too nauseating, perhaps we could at least agree to learn a thing or two about civility from Hannibal Lecter. ["Even Hannibal Lecter despised rudeness!" — John Franke...See previous blog post entitled "Evangelicals and Hannibal Lecter" for full context]

— Jeannie Harper

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